What is it the Save the Date? As the name indicates, “save the date” is intended to communicate to friends and family the date chosen for the wedding. But is not only that, because during this time, we can take nice and original photos before the wedding day.

Thanks to these shots the photographer gets to know better the couple, trying to understand a bit of their strenghts and weaknesses. On the other hand, the couple being in front of the camera will be less tense and agitated during their wedding day. The pictures taken before will not just be as a “test- shots”, but will have a special value for the wedding photo album because it will reminds for years the most important day of their lives.

With Francesca and Luca we decided to take these pictures few steps away from their home, the Rocca of Carmignano or Fortress of Carmignano ( a place where you can also have your wedding cerimony).

Unfortunately this place is often closed but for us it was enough to make a phone call and we found someone that immediately rushed to open the gates! It is a very special place, the fortress is surrounded by a beautiful park with olive trees and a small forest of oaks. We had the whole park for ourselves for an hour and we could take wonderful pictures.

Below are the photos of the save the Date .