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Wedding Photographer, Engagement and Family.



I will try in few words to tell you a little about me…

My style of photography is the reportage, and this allows me to relate the facts as they are.

I’ve made my first photographic works with the architecture, and later dedicating myself with hard work, passion and love to wedding photography. This last one, gives me emotions and endless joys.

It is an intimate and delicate moment when the photographer trys to collect the various moments, starting with the preparation to the party seeking to capture the natural sequences of the events. Doing that I am able to make each wedding unique and special. Thanks to my continuos technical compositional experimentation, that I have in “my blood” from an early age, I have always enjoyed to design and build something with photography.

What my photography studio offers it’s a unique and natural service, from photography to packaging. I am in fact working on a new album line made entirely by hand with precious natural materials like wood and cotton. I have ufficially become a fine-art printer to give you a quality at the top on the entire process, from capture to print.

I have a great passion, the analogue film photography. I like to shoot, develop and print in the darkroom. Unlike many photographers who started from analogue to digital, I took the reverse route to rediscover the “taste” of vintage photography.

I am not just a wedding photographer but I am dedicated with great satisfaction also to other types of photography as pregnancy, newborn children and family.

You will not see pictures of children on my web site but if you are interested I can show my work at my studio.

In addition to guarantee my professionalism and quality, I am part of some of the most important associations of photography including ANFM (National Association of wedding Photographers), WPJA (Wedding Photo Journalist Association), Fearless Photographers (International Association of Wedding Photographers), TAU Visual (National Association Professional Photographer).

Guarantees ANFM:

Guglielmo Meucci Studio, in the person of Guglielmo Meucci ANFM associate (National Association of Wedding Photographer),with the view of maximum transparency in relations with costumers, agrees:

– to ensure by contract the personal photographer presence mentioned in the contract, covering the photpgraphic service required and not to have it replaced by any internal or external studio collaborator, (except in case of documented severe inability to perform the work).

It also guarantees that the images submitted to the costumer for the presentation of the works are the real technical and creative abilities of the photographer indicated in the contract.

– to ensure clarity in prices and to give along with the contract a list containing all the extras and options that may be required in the future like additional prints, albums, reprints, and any other factor which may affect your initial estimate.




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