Wedding Photographer Guglielmo Meucci

” Before you decide to choose me as the photographer for the most important day of your life, I’d like you to know who I am. That is why I will tell you my story. 

I was born and raised in San Miniato. A true blessing since it’s located in the the heart of Tuscany. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved taking pictures with my film camera. But at that time my dream was to become an engineer, I’ve never thought of becoming a photographer.

It was only when I bought my first digital camera that I’ve realized what I really wanted to do in life. A few years passed and my early works came in: starting with Architectural Photography I later devoted myself to Wedding and Couple Photography.

Nevertheless though time my work experiences have extended in other areas too, such as fashion, advertising and other personal projects. And lately I’ve rediscovered my passion for analogue black and white photographic film. But photography is not my only passion. I also love music and traveling.

I love to travel, discover new worlds and cultures. I’ll never get tired of it.