With Alessio and Francesca we decided to repeat the Save the Date in a tuscan country-side style. For those who missed the preceding article and has no idea of what it is the Save the Date, I will explain in few words, echoing the definition of Wikipedia:

A “Save the Date” is an object, usually a magnet or a card that inform friends and relatives that a couple had decided to get married. In this case, however, is neither a magnet nor a postcard but are photos of the couple with their wedding date that can be written, carved or drawn on a chosen accessory.

The service is realized some month/weeks before the event and it helps to dissolve the tension that might exist between the subject and the photographer, in order to get them ready and relaxed in front of the cameras for the wedding day. The style, the location and of course the accessories used, will be chosen according to your taste and to your wedding theme.

With Alessio and Francesca we chose as a location the vineyards of the Estate of Capezzana in Carmignano. Led by the father of the bride, we found a very special place called Il Vers√≤ (The Verso’). It is a small laurel grove with a round table stone in the middle, and a circular seat where in times long past the “braid” was made by local women, during the summer time.

Afterwards we went to one of the Capezzana Estate vineyards where we finished our photo shoot.

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