Waiting a sister is my way of seeing and describing a pregnancy photo shoot. I believe it is fundamental that I narrate every story with naturalness and spontaneity. For this reason, I decided to spend a day together with Francesca, Alessio, and the little Viola to create something different, unique and original that will remain unforgettable overtime for this family.

This is my way of seeing and describing a pregnancy photo shoot.

It is not the usual service where the subject is the belly but it is a service focusing on the family, on the beauty of this moment of waiting.

Waiting for a Sister precisely because I wanted to narrate the story of this little girl’s expectation from the sister’s point of view.

I would like to infinitely thank this family that allowed me to create and narrate their story, I’m going to report below on one of the greatest satisfaction of this work, that is, the mother’s feedback:


Francesca: “I’m crying like a little girl watching the slideshow…. it is wonderful….. I’m really moved! Thank you…… only those who can photograph emotions in this way, who can make them look exactly like they were at that moment… to capture them in all their beauty… well… those who can do this through their work, are qualified to be called a photographer. And you are, indeed, you are. I hope and wish you so much luck because you deserve it, you have worked so much in recent years to improve and indeed, congratulations.”


Well, I have to be touched by this message that I received a few minutes after delivering the work!

Great vision…

Music: Holocene – Bon Iver