I will tell you the story of Nicole and Cosimo as a Photographer in Florence.

A rainy day will not compromise your love!

It was a Wednesday like so many lately, gloomy, with the sun being hard to get a glimpse at, indeed, with rain dominating the scene. But unexpectedly, as only life can do in preparing certain meetings for you. I found that ray of sunshine on the sixth floor, in the attic of a condominium on the outskirts of Florence. Here after 6 floors of stairs I entered the house with my heart in my throat, a bit for the effort. Let’s say I’m not really an athlete, and a little bit for emotions. and then because it is always a great responsibility to be able to capture in a picture all the feelings I get personally and due to my couples.

A small paradise on the sixth floor of a condominium

I entered a small apartment surrounded by nature, this because from the sixth floor you can see all the green surrounding Florence. The furniture, the 60s tiles, the wooden ceiling, the windows, made this service unique. I enjoyed telling their story starting from their home.

Opening the door for me Nicole and Cosimo, a couple I had felt affinity with from the first meeting. In their flat I found all their history, their love … and it was easy to tell all of this in one click. I made myself invisible in their intimacy and they made me slip, real deep, inside a game of tender lovers who find themselves in a pillow fight, or in the simplicity of being stretched out on the sofa, sharing little everyday secrets. Normal gestures, immortalized.

The complicity with Nicole and Cosimo led us to share lunch time too.

From the outskirts of Florence to the Chianti countryside

Immediately after lunch we left for Chianti, where we found an incredible location between Castellina in Chianti and San Donato in Poggio which seemed to float above the clouds like a lunar landscape, and actually in these photos Nicole and Cosimo seem swallowed by the fog, lightly supported by the strength of their love. We finished the service where my father grew up, a few miles from Siena, in San Leonino, here it was like giving a piece of my story.

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