Wedding Photographer Amalfi

Hi, I’m Guglielmo Meucci a emotions photographer, if you’re here you’re probably searching a wedding photographer Amalfi. You’re welcome!

If I have to describe myself in two words I would say I’m a simple and sincere person, just as are my pictures. Storytelling through my pics is what I do in life. I love to travel, I would like to travel every day. It would be great to travel for your wedding in Amalfi!

Just take five minutes to visit my website. My photography style is reportage to take you¬†spontaneous emotions. I’m sure that you’ll appreciate my pics and I hope to be your wedding photographer in Amalfi.

Write me with the form down here, I shall give you reply as soon as possible for your amazing wedding in Amalfi.


Guglielmo Meucci Photographer