One day with Francesco and Cristina for their engagement as a Photographer in Val d’Orcia. It was a day when work, family and love each found their place.

Yeah, because the groom in question is my cousin who has decided to share with the cousins and their companions this day.

After the classic meeting in Autogrill with a lot of breakfast, we left for the Val d’Orcia.

Val d’Orcia is an enchanted place

Enchanting place where nature and culture form a unique union, making it a heritage of humanity.

Composed of five municipalities Castiglione d’Orcia, Montalcino, Pienza, Radicofani and San Quirico d’Orcia. The Val d’Orcia is presented to our eyes with gentle hills covered by a dense vegetation of vineyards, olive groves, cypresses, beech and chestnut woods. Interrupted by ancient villages of medieval origin, rural houses and fortresses with impervious towers that are dispersed in the isolated and peaceful nature of the places.

Pienza the ideal city

Our first stop was in one of the five municipalities: Pienza, defined as the ideal city. As it reflects the idea of a Renaissance city in which man and nature live in harmony and Pienza seems to approach this utopian model.

Pienza is located in a strategic position, perched on top of a hill overlooking the Val d’Orcia and has a breathtaking view.

As soon as we arrived we immediately started with the first shots, the walls of this city are really suggestive.

From Palazzo Piccolomini to the small streets of Pienza

After the small climb that runs along the walls in front of us, Piazza Pio II opens up. It has a form of great harmony that gives great dignity and solemnity to all the surrounding buildings, built of travertine stone, which gives them a clear honey color. On one side of the square, you can admire a beautiful well, known as the “well of dogs”, the Duomo with the beautiful octagonal bell tower that rises above the ancient crypt pointing straight to the sky. To the right of the Cathedral is the imposing Palazzo Piccolomini with a fantastic loggia and a wonderful hanging garden from which you can admire a truly unique panorama over the entire Orcia valley, from Montalcino to the volcanic Monte Amiata. Even the square has been the subject of numerous shots but even more beautiful was lost in the alleys of Pienza and be able to capture this love story between the shadows of the stones and the rays that filtered.

From Pienza to Bagnovignoni

The weather at the beginning seems to want to play bad jokes and hunger began to be felt for which we moved to Bagno Vignoni, the only hamlet of San Quirino d’Orcia. At the center of the village is the Piazza Delle Sorgenti, a rectangular bathtub from the sixteenth century that still contains a source of hot thermal water. The water that flows from the spring at a depth of 1000 meters goes back to the surface and is collected in the town square. The water temperature, fixed at 52 ° degrees, creates extraordinary scenographic effects, especially in winter, when it comes into contact with cold air. Here after a beautiful family lunch full of anecdotes and fresh laughter, we made some shots aboard the tub.

All around, stone houses, flowered balconies, squares, workshops of artists and craftsmen, which create an extraordinary architectural ensemble. After a short visit to the streams of steaming water that flow along the city, drawing sinuous paths where you can dip your hands and feet, we are moving towards a new destination.

The Chapel of Vitaleta, San Quirico d’Orcia and its cypresses

We went to the Chapel of Our Lady of Vitaleta. Along the way, we crossed a level crossing and immediately I got the inspiration. Francesco and Cristina met on the train so why not take some pictures? With the help of my drone, I made a little surprise to Francesco and Cristina making a short film on the rails that is the intro to this slideshow that you are about to see. Giunti the Chapel, after walking a dirt road surrounded by fields of wheat still green, we continued our service by making numerous shots and shots from above.

Our tour ended in the cypress and symbolic place of the area.

A day certainly rich not only of places that are the setting for this service but also of emotions. Being able to work surrounded by love and family has made this service unique in its kind.

Location: PienzaSan Quirico d’OrciaBagno Vignoni || Music: Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over