Bolgheri visited by thousands of tourists and wine enthusiasts are our destination for this Engagement.

Silvia and Luca which I know very well, lifelong friends, decided to treat themselves before the wedding with this photo shooting, in one of the fascinating places in Tuscany.

Surrounded by green vineyards, Bolgheri is the excellence of the Italian and Tuscan winemaking.  In fact, in this little village, you can taste several local wines.

The atmosphere inside the walls is really relaxing, a perfect place for a couple’s photo shoot! We really got all we wanted out of this photo shoot in Bolgheri, from the wine tasting to a walk on the famous tree-lined street of cypresses.

It was fun to take pictures of them while they were relaxing in front of a glass of wine. Afterward, they were at ease in front of the camera as they were “intoxicated” by the scent of the Bolgheri DOC wine, and everything was more relaxed.


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