Today I work as a Photographer in Florence, at Villa Demidoff with Vera and Luca

The importance of the Engagement photoshoot

Every shot returns the beauty and dignity of every moment, making it lasting forever. Just a single moment of your private life – that is the best scenario to capture the emotions and feelings of a couple.

Even a simple engagement can be the perfect scenario for that, not only marriage.

You are a couple in your everyday life, months and years before the “Yes, I do”. You are a couple when you choose your partner every day when you face the troubles together when you make compromises and pursue a path named “life”. A couple can capture their memories before the “I do”.

Those shots will remind them of what makes them choose to share a life together for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for now, forever, for always.

Between light and dark in the Montesenario woods in Florence

That’s what I aimed to do with Vera e Luca – playing with the lights and shadows of the magical locations we saw. As a dance where the music is the complicity.

The Montesenario sanctuary is our first scenario. It is one of Tuscany’s most important sanctuaries. You can reach it by taking a path that crosses the Fiesole countryside and the Mugello’s mountains.

The sanctuary itself is a panoramic turret overviewing the green valley.

The welcoming feeling of a religious silence is almost tangible, maybe because of the presence of the monks.

Its 18th Century porch is this beautiful couple’s second stage. Only the columns and arches of the porch are still there, included in the front wall and the clock tower.

Vera and Luca are into music and travels, two of my main passions. Maybe that helped us a lot to connect ourselves to the point where I told them about my last trip to Bosnia.

When I can feel such a connection between me and the couple, it’s a simple game.

From the Montesenario convent’s park to that of Villa Demidoff

We reach Villa Demidoff – a wonderland wanted by Francesco I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Carelessness and time have taken away its 16th-century wonders; we can only imagine the Medici Villa with its two Italian-style gardens full of sculptures, statues, pools with water features, labyrinths, and caves.

A dreamlike place where nature and mythology used to meet.

The enchantment of a powerful nature is still there with its huge green spaces, woods, meadows and the wonderful giant of the Apennines, a work by Giambologna. There is still the Cupid’s cave, the Mugnone’s fountain and the chapel, designed by Buontalenti, plus the stables.

It was wonderful to make Vera and Luca dance in the shadows and lights here.

They were so spontaneous and true, they let themselves be carried away and allowed me to capture these moments in one shot.

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