Montespertoli, at the doors of Chianti, is a beautiful setting for an engagement photo shoot or “save the date” as in their case.

Francesca and Luigi , the couple, have chosen this corner of paradise in the heart of Tuscany to take photos before their wedding that was celebrated on August 1st in Montespertoli. The atmosphere in this place is unique and romantic, it breathes the essence of Tuscany.

The light at the sunset is stunning and we arrived just on time to make the most out of this magnificent landscape, donating to their engagement the warm and romantic colors as the surrounding places of Florence can give.

Some cypress trees, a bench and the Tuscan hills are the ingredients for this engagement, combined with essential accessories for the “save the date” such as plasters, a frame and small metal clips to write the wedding date.

When I do this kind of photo shoots, the emotions are many both for the bride and groom that are in the middle of preparations for their best day and for me, as it is the best chance I have to get to know them better. The magic of the wedding starts to get into their hearts and eyes and is refelected in the photos of Engagement.

Tuscany and in particular the Chianti hills help and not just a backdrop to this kinds of photos! There are only few other places where you can feel the same atmosphere and I am super happy to live in this amazing region that offers so much to my photography!


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